vvvSoft MP3Finder

vvvSoft MP3Finder 2.32

vvvSoft MP3Finder software program is used to find MP3 files and other media files that arechived

vvvSoft MP3Finder software program is a useful tool for users who have computers in the LAN that contains five or more computers. This application assists the user in finding MP3 files in the LAN.

In addition to MP3 files, video files can be searched for and found with this application. Also, some installations can be located t avoid downloading those files that have already been downloaded.

The vvvSoft MP3Finder software program uses a multithreaded search engine Configurations for frequent searches. It has flexible search capabilities and supplies include/exclude masks.

Other features include the capability to save search results to XML and load them from XML, can export to XML/HTML/Text, can playback MP3 files via the user’s favorite MP3 player such as Winamp, RealPlayer, MediaPlayer and others.

vvvSoft MP3Finder software program uses one of the LAN search engines to quickly find any file on LAN. In addition, the application can search LAN for many file types including wma, wav, and other media and music formats.

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vvvSoft MP3Finder


vvvSoft MP3Finder 2.32